Band Projects

Shadows & Light Trio

Ciara with Shadows and Light Trio

Shadows & Light stands for light and dark, for dynamic composition, for pianoforte. It stands for the impact of the music, which pervades and pulls you with it.A thrilling listening experience with old and new pieces by Elias Meiri. Jazz, funk and orient, three great styles move between shadows and light.On keyboard Elias Meiri (Israel), the bandleader and composer. On bass Ciara Moser (Ireland / Austria) and on drums the groove Icon Harry Tanschek (Austria)

Diffusion (Jazz Rock)

„Diffusion“ is a band consisting of four young musicians which style is principally fusion.They have set themselves the goal of breaking up and expanding the tradition of jazz. Their repertoire consists of their own songs and songs from Snarky Puppy, Herbie Hancock, Yellow Jackets and much more.

First Records Soundcloud

To be continued in 2018. Follow us Soundcloud.

  • Bass – Ciara Moser
  • Guitar – Rafael Trujilo
  • Keyboards and Synths – Stephanie Weninger
  • Drums – Lukas Böck


Manteka Bank
Manteka Band

The band Manteka was founded by Eliana Graciela-Müller.
A new salsa generation, inspired by music from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and New York.

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  • Eva Moreno – vocals
  • Leo Thauerböck – vocals
  • Manuel Prinz – trumpet
  • Maria Kellner – trumpet
  • Christina Baumfried – trombone
  • Eliana Graciela-Müller – sax
  • Anna Maurer – keys
  • Ciara Moser – bass
  • Michael Blassnig – drumset
  • Christian Glöckler – percussion

Das Keinertrio

Das Ende 2017 im Wohnzimmer entstandene „Keinertrio“ besteht aus 3 jungen Musikstudentinnen, die durch ihre verschiedensten musikalischen Einflüsse und Erfahrungen Musik aus verschiedensten Ländern ganz individuell interpretieren. Das Keinertrio begeistert ihr Publikum mit ihrer spontanen Interaktion auf der Bühne, ihren „fetzigen Grooves“ und ihrer gefühlvollen Art des Musizierens.


Verena Loipetsberger – Vocal, Stephanie Weninger – Keyboards and Synths, Ciara Moser – Bass